Your Top Choice of Travel Mini Size Mix and Match Skincare | Fit all skin types – Traveler’s Best Friend

111 - Your Top Choice of Travel Mini Size Mix and Match Skincare | Fit all skin types - Traveler's Best Friend

Traveler’s Best Friend – Travel Size Skincare Kit |Personalized skin care with Ampule + Technology

As a frequent traveler, I have two sets of skin care products stored at home. One is for my daily used (100ml), and the other is the Travel Skin Care (mini size) Mix and Match Ampulogy E01 (10ml, tube type) skincare for travel used. I started using Ampulogy E01 for a month during my competition trip (see on my next blog) to Saudi Arabia and I see a notable result on my skin despite the stress and the crazy weather there.

As we all know, everyone’s skin type is different and unique. Hence skin care products have to conform to your skin type in order to improve your skin conditions. It is best to mix & match or customize your daily skincare products to suits your skin type than directly getting it from the cosmetic stores. In this conventional cosmetics world, there are obvious limitations in providing effective skin care experience to different customers. Hence, I prefer to DIY so I can control the quality and quantity of my skin care products.

111 1 - Your Top Choice of Travel Mini Size Mix and Match Skincare | Fit all skin types - Traveler's Best Friend
Squeeze Tube Type for Active and Busy Individuals

Ampulogy E01 is my Travel Best Friend because it is a highly-concentrated ampule brand of customized care for different skin types. It has been developed in collaboration with skin care experts, university labs, and facial spas. They developed 6 most popular functional requirement in the market: Dry skin, Flaky skin, Sagging skin, Dark and dull skin, Oily skin and Enlarged pore skin. As a result, Ampulogy E01 can provide people with customized skin solutions according to the skin conditions of the day. How cool it is to be able to correct our skin condition accordingly without purchasing much products !!

Do you feel that it is not always available to find perfect skin care items that fit your skin?

Among all the skin care products, ampules and serums played a vital role in improving our skin conditions. Ampules are typically more concentrated than serums.

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The professional formula of Ampulogy is now available with frill-free type package.

There are 6 different ampules that can be combined:

  1.  Sebum Control: for oily skin and acne prone skin
  2.  Firming: wrinkle care for aging skin
  3.  Moisturizing: to moisturize and hydrate
  4.  Clarifying: to exfoliate in a natural way
  5.  Pore Control: to minimize and cleanse pores
  6. Brightening: for even skin tone

Recommended ratio

  1. Per each use – Cream: Ampulogy = 5:1, Toner/lotion: Ampulogy = 3:1
  2. Mixed products should be stored at room temperature for 90 days at 25℃.

The 6 ampules adjusted to various skin concerns caused by skin type, weather change, stress, lack of sleep, air pollution, PMS (hormonal changes during the period) and dermatitis etc. All of the Ampulogy can be mixed with each other for increased functionality. You can create your own highly functional ampules by combining them together.

Ampulogy is chemically stable. It means that you can mix this product with various other skincare products and make-up items. Ampulogy can be mixed with toners, moisturizers, makeup base, foundations, BB creams and much more. We conducted extensive tests with diverse products.

Capture - Your Top Choice of Travel Mini Size Mix and Match Skincare | Fit all skin types - Traveler's Best Friend
Customize your skin care routine by simply adding Ampulogy E01 to your daily routine.

 Unique Selling Points

Customizable – Mix your own formula by mixing 6 Ampules

Ampulogy enables personalization. Just pick ampules that fit your unique skin and customize it. You can use each of these ampules differently on any part of your face. Firming ampule and Brightening ampule are recommended to mix with essence(serum) or lotion or cream for easy and safe use. For around the eyes and marionette lines, you can use Firming ampule directly. I would recommend that you to use Brightening ampule at night to avoid sun exposure. If your skin is dry or when you have some blackhead on the nose or minor pimples for some reasons, apply Sebum control ampule. Gently squeeze 3~5 drops on the wet cotton pads (with water or toner) and put it on the noses for about 5 minutes. It is an easy and safe method for getting rid of dead skin cells on the skin surface and dissolve excessive sebum.


This skin message non-rinse type cleansing water is highly effective for all skin types, all genders, and any age. The spray bottle is simple to use and convenient to carry around. It is a mild type of cleansing water with the inclusion of gentle ingredients that are extracted and fermented for a special type of seaweeds from Jeju Island which makes it free from chemical inclusion. The best part is you can use this special cleansing water as the best type of makeup remover.

t 2 - Your Top Choice of Travel Mini Size Mix and Match Skincare | Fit all skin types - Traveler's Best Friend
Mild and Safe Cleanser – Skin Message Cleansing Water

Mild and Safe Ingredients : Whole ingredients are safe and using EWG green grade which are fermented and extracted from three kinds of
seaweeds (hijikia, agar, sea tangle) brought from Jeju Island.

Fresh and Convenient: Water type product with no oil-related content, you can cleanse freshly without even water wherever you are. It is
useful to fix smudged and caked makeup.

Spray Type: Spray type water that can spread overall surface of
a cotton pad with just two-three spraying. Unlike other
brands, it is economical as you can use it without overuse

Cleansing Effectiveness: Natural ingredients decomposed by fermentation increase ability of cleansing naturally. It is effective for not only
cleansing makeup but also skin waste such as fine dust.

Patended Ingredients: The natural extracts from rosemary, kemomile, green tea, centella and licorice as well as the amino acid complex that
help produce collagen and elastine make the skin health.

Capture.PNGl  - Your Top Choice of Travel Mini Size Mix and Match Skincare | Fit all skin types - Traveler's Best Friend


The best thing about this cleansing water is that you can use it even in your pregnancy stage. Mummies, you have nothing to worry! ;P The Ampulogy skin message cleansing water is assured and certified for its high-quality standards by GMP and ISO standards. Their ingredients utilized in cleansing water spray are eco-friendly and are graded Green with EWG standards. This product was awarded in 2018 with Hi-Seoul good products award, Korean innovation award, and Korea HIT500. It is highly recommended by beauty experts. The product is oil-free with hypo allergic ingredients which work well for sensitive, oily and dry skin.

1 1 300x300 - Your Top Choice of Travel Mini Size Mix and Match Skincare | Fit all skin types - Traveler's Best Friend
Founder of Eggiomma – Distributor of Ampulogy E01

How did I know this awesome brand from Korea?

I was introduced to this practical and convenient product by a Malaysian mother who is currently living in Korea. She has been searching for the best travel skin care kit for travelers like myself. I am glad that I came across this product pretty early before I travel to Saudi Arabia representing Malaysia for the intellectual competition. I managed to keep my skin glow throughout the entire week! 😀 Thanks to Eggiomma for her kind sharing.T

You can now purchase these products online at Shoppee and Lazada !

Comment below if you have tried this Korean products, or your opinion on this products! 😀

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