Be Aware ☠ Pickpockets in Barcelona

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Barcelona seems to find its way into tourist’s itineraries for good reasons. Undoubtedly, it has many unique historic architectures designed by the famous architecture – Antoni Gaudi, beautiful beaches like walking through an airy womb of sky and sound, great Mediterranean weather and also an arguably the best nightlife in Europe. It has got all the perfect reasons to visit Barcelona, but pickpockets are the main crime problem for tourists visiting Barcelona. I experienced this myself when visiting the famous Sagrada Familia. It was a nightmare and a lesson for me to remember. I got goosebumps all over me when I caught the pickpocket stealing my bag steadily without any mere sight of hesitation.
Shockingly, this was a female pickpocket! ♀
Barcelona has become one of the most visited cities in Europe, therefore the city becomes overrun with visitors and long queues to the famous sights. To avoid being targeted by pickpockets, let us learn some tips on how to avoid from becoming a victim:
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My friend’s pouch was stolen here!

Be Aware of Busy Tourist Spots :

Train Stations, Airports, Metro, Hotel Lobby, Attractions, Restaurants, Parks, and famous streets. Fortunately, pickpockets in Barcelona are not violent. They only target handbags, wallets, backpacks, phones, cash, which do not harm the owner in any way. They steal without the owner noticing. Therefore, you have to remain very vigilant in Barcelona at all time. Pickpockets are mostly found on Las Ramblas street, beaches, street shows, Magic Fountain show, and major tourist attractions.



 Wear Your Backpack in front of Your Chest :

Always keep your bag close to your eye level. Barcelona is a big city. It is perfect to discover stunning architectures by foot. Strolling around the city will keep you distracted from your belongings. So be wary of distractions and avoid physical contact if necessary.

 Keep Cash in a Separate Pocket :

If you are unlucky to have your wallet or bag stolen, at least you will have a few euros for food and transportation back to your hotel. If you are traveling as a couple, don’t put both cash and phones in the same bag. If you are carrying a bag with zips outside, keep your cash inside and hide it in a corner. Do not bring all your cash out but leave it in your luggage in the hotel. It is also best not to carry Passport with you. Instead, make a copy of your passport in case you need to exchange money in the bank or make a major purchase.


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Imagine the number of tourists at Sagrada Familia. I was pickpocket here!

You would be amazed at how skilled a pickpocket is!

 Do you have any experience with pickpockets? Drop me a comment on your experience! 😀




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