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Being a model and a frequent traveler, I treat my skin with luxury care and products to make sure I stay clean and bright all day long. Despite all the luxury products I have, I still feels that my skin is not 100% absorbing them. Even though I make sure that I get a facial once a month, it is such a hassle for me to make appointment in advance and spend approximately 2.5 hours in the beauty salon. The reality is – I have an unpredictable work schedule! (No Way…)

Not until I get in touch with FACELOGIC in one of their events. I thought that the concept of bringing both skincare and technology was indeed a great concept (Eyes’ Blinking)!! Well, we all know that there is a wealth of facts about skincare technologies that is readily available to us at the click of a mouse, you may just google them. While it is great to practice good skin care routine, using the Asia top leading International Technology Beauty Product will not only save much of your time going to beauty salon, it will also enhance your skincare experience to the next level.

This is one of their main products :


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Looking at its modern contemporary design, isn’t it perfect to be right on my makeup table?

YES! It is now the spotlight among all my other skin care items!

I love using this machine because it has 5 in 1 Enhancing System! 😀

Purifying ( Contamination )

After a long day outside from home, dirt and dust are all over us. Using both hands to wash our face is not recommended as our hands carry 10 million bacteria on average. With the help of IONs + Technology, NanoSkin can purify our skin with the use of a cotton pad. After removing makeup on your face, all you have to do is wet a cotton pad with water and use the magnetic loop ring to clip it firmly. Then gently wipe your skin starting from the inner to outer part of the face. This step is for deep cleansing on your face.

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Nutriboost ( Absorption )

After taking out the cotton pad, the next step is to apply serum or essence on your face. Use a circular motion on your face to help the serum and essence absorb faster into your skin. With the help of ENI Technology, it nourishing your face and gives it a moisture look! ( This is my favorite Step!)

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V-Lift & eCollagen ( Absorption )

This function can help to activate your collagen and achieve V-shaped face effect. All you have to do is apply preparation gel on your face and leave it to EMS and RF Technology to do the rest. This steps will need 5 minutes to complete. Well, I always feels that it is not enough for 5 minutes, just go back and restart this function if you want to make your face sharper 😛

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Cooling ( Absorption )

This cold compress will help shrink your pores and firm skin. However, the time for this step is only 3 minutes. Rest your skin for at least half an hour for reuse. If you have reddish skin after performing all the 3 steps above, this cooling function will help to reduce the heat on your face.

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Rejuvenate  |  Renew Skin Cell  |  Restoring Youthful

Revitalizing New Skin  |  Replenish Skin Collagen


It is best to use twice a week and clean it every time you used. Let the apparatus goes over running water without touching the bottom part.

Charging NanoSkin is super easy and convenient! It has dual charging capability 😀

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The feature that surprised me the most is the Facelogic Beauty App! Just download the app from GooglePlay or AppleStore and you will have everything you need inside. Trust me, this application is super user friendly! You are able to live or record a video or even talk to one of their beauty consultant from time to time! On top of that, you will also receive the latest news, courses, and promotion from the app in just one touch. Folks, I have so much more to share with you guys about how amazing this app is but I cannot squeeze everything here. So, just download the application and surprise yourself 😀 PM me if you need more information about NanoSkin Technology! I am more than happy to help you!



Website:  https://www.facelogic.jp/


Secret to Beauty? Smile and be Kind!


  1. Hi. I just bought a nanoskin L really do not know how to use it, nor how long …. Anyway, I’m a mess. I also have titanium implants in the molars and I do not know if the EMS function is good for it. Could you clarify something please? Thank you!

    1. Hi Tita, thank you for reaching out to me. I would love to help you solve your problem. You may directly contact the professional to help sort this out for you. rickytan.facelogic@gmail.com. Hopefully, this will help you on your journey with NanoSkin! 😀

  2. Hi..may I know what type of skin care can be used with this device? is it any type of skin care?

    1. Dear Amy,

      You can use any skincare of your current to pair with this device. The only thing I recommend using is their special NANO gel which paired with the last step ( application of mask). You can also contact them at their website or drop me an email! 😀 Thank you for the comment. Hope it finds you well.

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