What true love means to you?

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Women nowadays are looking for security through ample of materials rather than love and supports. Why does this happen? When the world has turn into what we all know, the “Materialistic World”.

I read plenty of articles regarding about true love. In my dictionary, true love is when the two of you ( I mean both sides literally) continually love one another without any doubt. Love is like an equation. Love equals to the sum of forgiving, caring, loyalty, encouraging one another, supporting, listening, planning, communicating, sacrifices, building strong relationship together, try out things that each other likes, never stop creating the feel as if you just met him/her for the first time. Feeling fade eventually, but effort will help the feeling gain back.

It is also important that both sides have the same value and direction towards life. So peeps, tell me what do think true love really means to you? Does wealth play alongside?


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  1. Nice article! Very true!

    1. Thank you for the support !

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