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The Beauty of Jeju-do in 1 Week – 环绕济州岛7天

The Beauty of Jeju-do in 1 Week – 环绕济州岛7天

 When I decided to travel to Jeju Island, I wasn’t prepared for the hot weather ☀. I was just considering the flight promotion on AirAsia ✈. As a result, I came back home so much tanner than before that my parents couldn’t recognize me. 🙁 super regret but had so much fun! If I had…

What true love means to you?

  Women nowadays are looking for security through ample of materials rather than love and supports. Why does this happen? When the world has turn into what we all know, the “Materialistic World”. I read plenty of articles regarding about true love. In my dictionary, true love is when the two of you ( I mean…

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