• unnamed 1 - Tenggol Coral Beach Resort 月影湾の度假村

    Tenggol Coral Beach Resort 月影湾の度假村

      If you are an experience diver, or going to take your OW license, or just scrolling through my blog, CONGRATULATIONS!! You are on the right track because I am going to go through this wonderful spot for divers to spend all 4 days 3 nights with absolutely no Wi-Fi! Yes, you heard me. You… Read more »

  • DSC00301 - Things You Can Do With Your PICKUP TRUCK -

    Things You Can Do With Your PICKUP TRUCK –

    Things You Can Do With Your PICKUP TRUCK Have you ever wonder what else can you utilize with your Ford Ranger? Watch this video and see how creative we are. Don’t forget to comment below if you agree with us! Catch me at  3:17 onward. Official Producer : Official Partner: Ford Malaysia

  • MG 6397 - Pokemon GO!! SoftSrve <3

    Pokemon GO!! SoftSrve <3

    Hottest stuff is here ^__^ Softsrve is presenting you their one and only Softsrve Pokemon series!  Four different type of Pokemon Softsrve to choose from: Bulbasaurrrr -RM13 (Sour apple jelly matcha sticks) Charmanderrrr- RM13 (Orange Waffle cone red velvet cake crumbs) Squirtleeee- RM13 (Cotton Candy candy coated chocolate) Pikachuuuu- RM13 (Pineapple Flower banana choco sticks)  … Read more »

  • IMG 3449 - The Bites Cafe - Lake Fields Sg. Besi

    The Bites Cafe – Lake Fields Sg. Besi

    It may have taken a while to get to my mouth, but I’ve found the best paella on the planet. Yes!! It is The Bites Cafe !! It has a wide (I mean really wide!!) variety of menu to choose from. You name it,  and you got it! They have the Best pork ribs in… Read more »

  • KLASSE14

    “The greatest gift you can give someone is your Time” I always believe that one of life’s most simple pleasures is spending time with those we love. It is just the matter of priorities. Spending time doing nothing with your love one is never bored and awkward. These is the time I feel most comfortable being myself…. Read more »

  • What true love means to you?

      Women nowadays are looking for security through ample of materials rather than love and supports. Why does this happen? When the world has turn into what we all know, the “Materialistic World”. I read plenty of articles regarding about true love. In my dictionary, true love is when the two of you ( I mean… Read more »

  • Ground Eatery ( PUCHONG )

    Today, let me bring you to this awesome cafe in Puchong! You will be astonished by how this cafe decorated its interior. I din’t know where to have lunch until this garden-liked cafe captured my attention. Well, if you need a landmark, it is just beside Walnut Cafe! If you are person who values atmosphere… Read more »

  • Daniel Wellington 15% off the shelf

    Daniel Wellington is a Swedish watch brand that focuses on providing fashion conscious customers with a slim and edgy wristwatch. I am currently wearing the Classic Oxford (Rose Gold) 36mm and Daper St Mawes (Rose Gold) 38mm. Both really suits my outfit on different kind of occasions. The Classic Oxford lean towards casual but fashion wear, another suits formal meeting… Read more »

  • Juan Valdez Café ( INTERMARK , KL)

    Today, I was invited to a special eatery called Juan Valdez Café. Their specialty here is none other than coffee! So, if you’re a coffee lover, you won’t wanna miss out! Grab your coffee partner quick (I am sure you definitely have one) and try their one and only premium Colombian coffee selections. There are more… Read more »

  • IMG 3373 - About my blog

    About my blog

    Hi everyone! It’s Hanlibubu’s first blog post here! It feels like my heart is about to jump out of my chest! I am feeling super excited and nervous at the same time. In this blog, you will find me writing about my traveling experiences, the lifestyle I live, events that I attend, as well as… Read more »