Pokemon GO!! SoftSrve <3

MG 6397 - Pokemon GO!! SoftSrve <3

MG 6397 1024x683 - Pokemon GO!! SoftSrve <3

Hottest stuff is here ^__^ Softsrve is presenting you their one and only Softsrve Pokemon series!  Four different type of Pokemon Softsrve to choose from:

  1. Bulbasaurrrr -RM13 (Sour apple jelly matcha sticks)
  2. Charmanderrrr- RM13 (Orange Waffle cone red velvet cake crumbs)
  3. Squirtleeee- RM13 (Cotton Candy candy coated chocolate)
  4. Pikachuuuu- RM13 (Pineapple Flower banana choco sticks)


unnamed - Pokemon GO!! SoftSrve <3
As sweet as the ice-cream <3


If you not a sweet lover, you will definitely prefer the original yogurt flavor over other flavors just like me! I like it simple but significant! Boom!


  1. Very nice photos . Must be shot by professional photog ahahaha !

    Still think the white yogurt ice cream is better , though no harm of trying pokemon series punya Ice Cream

    Prez of Hanli Bubu International Fans Club (HBIFC)

  2. Soft serve ice cream pokemon.

    Definitely bringing my friends there. Haha

    Looking great, Hanli!

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